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The apostle then says, “in which” (i.e., in his spirit), Christ went and preached unto the “spirits in prison” that were disobedient in the days of Noah. At that time, according to this theory, the Lord preached the gospel to those who died lost during the time of Noah’s flood.
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Who Were The Spirits in Prison In 1 Peter 3? Why Was Jesus Preaching To Them?

Contact Us. Free Online Bible School. Print Friendly. Please explain 1 Peter where it speaks of Jesus preaching to the spirits in prison. It has been preached that Christ actually descended into the lower regions of the earth and preached to lost souls who were in prison in some type of purgatory or limbo. This is very far from what the text actually says.

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Let's look at it closely now and get the real message of these verses. It says, "Christ also hath once suffered for sins He did it by the Spirit, and that word is capitalized in your Bible. It actually refers to the Holy Spirit. So whatsoever Christ did in preaching during this period of time, He did it through or by the Holy Spirit. It was not a preaching that held out any hope for them. It was a preaching of judgment. Jonah , 2 Once Jesus had demonstrated his faith and loyalty to death and then was resurrected — proving that the Devil indeed had no hold on him — Jesus had the basis for making such a con- demnatory proclamation.

In the future, Jesus will bind and throw into the abyss both Satan and those angels. Luke , 31; Rev.

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I believe in both those two, and in nothing that JWs teach. By the way, I have just looked it up in the Ignatius Study Bible that I have here, and it says the following:. Not all agree, however. The question is whether Peter is talking about the activity of jesus on Holy Saturday, when his soul descended to the dead without his body, or at some time subsequent to Easter Sunday, when his body and soul were forever reunited. No firm answer can be given until we consider what follows. The long paragraph that follows then goes on to list different interpretations throughout history.

It simply provides another explanation. Is it not? Looked a second time 1 Peter. Also, same applies to Peter …but here to the Post -Flood Gentiles.

Spirits In Prison

Hint: he had none. Never a seminarian. Never studied theology. Not ordained by any authority. This, in fact, violates 2 Peter Peter writes that the ignorant and unstable twist and distort the scriptures 2 Peter Charles Taze Russell had a 7th grade education. He knew neither Greek nor Hebrew. If you actually read the bible you will see it clearly explained that those who died in the days of Noah were kept in a place seperate which was seperate to and beneath the bones of the Giants meaning the nephelim.

It is also clear that references to the sons of God is talking about angels wether good or bad. Son of Adam or son of man is for humans.

If you read all 4 gospels you will see one of them says Jesus decended to hell and preached to them. Could you provide the references? Jesus "preached to the spirits in prison" — Please help!

Sacred Scripture. CutlerB March 17, , pm 1.

Are there spirits in prison?

Ok, friends, I have been confused and shaken once more by the Witnesses. I am really confused. Please help, if you can. Thank you.

Try asking them this question and see their reply…:shrug:. Glacies March 18, , am 6. Genesis : The sons of God.

CutlerB March 18, , am 7. I will quote the entire article for convenience. CutlerB March 18, , am 8. And, the CC is errant? Is the Ignatius Study Bible the last word?