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The next day, no one could wake her as she lay among her rave reviews in the papers. She would never awake again. You can visit Les Milandes without ever leaving your house!

Moon Tribe//The Beginning// Gacha Series//EP 1

Les Milandes Website. Although her life really reads like a movie, this is the one movie that we could get our hands on: The Josephine Baker Story starring Lynn Whitfield. As always, our music comes courtesy of Music Alley. Visit them at Music. But her life was far from simple. She was not only a dancer and singer, but also a spy, a civil rights activist and a mother.

The Snake-Eaters and the Yards

When we sat down to talk about this unique woman, we went a little long. Josephine wrote several auto-biographies- each painting a slightly different picture of her life. Several more biographies were written after her death- each giving slightly different details. Once we began our chat, we often ran into conflicting stories…it was so cool!

Dev Dd Season 1

So many versions! We have divided our conversation into two parts, and the show notes into acts. She was different from anyone in her generation although she reminded us of several woman since it seems fitting that our coverage of her life should be a bit different as well. On June 3, in St. The father of record is Eddie Carson, a drummer who Carrie had spent a great deal of time with.

To deepen the paternal mystery- Carrie was very dark skinned, and Josephine was quite light. Even her birth had enough gaps to allow various tales to emerge. Hold on tight for the rest of her life! We know this: She was born into poverty and lived in poverty for her entire childhood. As always we go into greater detail during the podcast, but Carrie soon married Arthur Martin and the couple would have three more children.

Carrie worked as a laundress, Arthur worked at whatever he could whenever he could, but the family was never able to dig themselves out of poverty. Some times she was shipped off to work for families other times, as she got older, she would simply skip class. When she was ten, race relations is St.

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Louis heated up and resulted in a serious time of rioting. While East St.

At the age of 13, Josephine had her first marriage to Willie Wells, a steelworker. She had been drawn to the theater, most specifically the Booker T. Washington Theater. There she would watch and imitate the acts, then take what she had learned outside to entertain patrons waiting for a show to begin. With this troupe she would eventually go on the road, performing all over the south-eastern portion of the US and then heading north to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But first, she had to get married again. This time the man, Billy Baker, gave her a small moment of familial stability and the last name that she would use for the rest of her life.

With a few fancy moves of her own, the untrained dancer earned a spot on the first all-black show that played on Broadway, Shuffle Along. In New York, and traveling throughout the country with the road show, Josephine honed her craft to the best of her ability, although was probably a choreographers nightmare. She was not only an untrained dancer, but her style included rolling her eyes, making funny faces and breaking into the dances of the age.

Another challenge for her was the color of her skin. Too light for some chorus lines, too dark for others.

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She watched other successful acts, added read:stole new material for hers and worked more on her off-stage diva persona. Pinkertons, and that ideology is deeply embodied in centralized services, asymmetric bandwidth, the culture of mediation, and Newspeak of instant messaging. Instead, the left, as bumbling idiots, cheered the use of apps to organize "protests". The left interpreted this ideology as inevitable technological progress, and lost the battle and the war at that very moment. Instead of reading McLuhan, the best it could think of was to use the same centralized ideotechnology from its masters to indoctrinate crowds, but for the left causes.

It's fascinating how it manages to stay repeatedly surprised as it gets beaten into the ground over and over again. Fuck such left and its "academic crowd". The faster it dies out, the better. Poor Milo, frightened by the thought of his manhood being threatened by people actually wanting to co-operate and share stuff. Political Action: DGR groups will only engage in aboveground, nonviolent activities. These can include legal demonstrations as well as civil disobedience. Solidarity: Non-indigenous members of DGR remember that we are living on stolen land in the midst of an ongoing genocide.

The task of the non-indigenous is to build solidarity with indigenous people in defending the land, preserving traditional cultures, and protecting sacred ceremonies from exploitation. Justice: We are enmeshed in overlapping systems of sadistic power built on stolen wealth, white privilege, misogyny, and human supremacism. As individuals, it is our responsibility to acknowledge those systems, overcome our entitlement, and make alliances with the dispossessed. Collectively, it is our task to bring those systems down. Liberty: DGR groups have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse of anyone, human or nonhuman.

Will you ever do Hawaiian mythology? Just wanted to say I absolutely love your podcast. Just recently started listening on my commute to and from work. Hey Jason, I love the podcast and I was very happy to hear when you were able to make the transition to full time podcaster! I really enjoy the way you break down the content.

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You are a great story teller. Growing up my mom used to read me stories about the Monkey King from Journey to the West. I think they are fantastic stories and would be perfect for your cast. Jason, Thanks so much for this truly enjoyable podcast. A longtime reader and lover of myths, legends, and fairytales, you have enriched my experience of these beloved stories—and expanded my knowledge of tales from other countries. Also, I love your wry humor that permeates the podcast.

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Thanks so much, Lynda. As a family of 5 just completing a 13 hour, mile road trip, the podcasts definitely made the miles fly by and we learned a lot too. Also, the podcasts pair nicely with our sonos system, allowing us to stream the podcasts at bedtime. Thank you for this wonderful resource.

I love this podcast.

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  • When ever I am down or just bored there is always something new that I can learn and relate to. I just discovered your podcasts on Iheartradio and I love them Great stories with great insight. You are entertaining and informing.

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