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Corvus Prime: Insurrection describes how the Earth is pulled into someone else's interplanetary war. Suddenly faced with the threat of annihilation, the human.
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Duff McKagan Paris. Herman Li. Kyle Thomas. Alice Cooper. Guillaume Bernard. Jonathan Davis. Jyrki Johannes Persson.

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N Nachtmahr nails nancy on the rocks napalm death nashville pussy nasty nasum Ne Obliviscaris neaera Nebula Necromancers. O o may. P paerish pain pain of salvation palace of the king pallbearer Panic! At least that would have been a reason he is a failure as a Pm. An embarrassment too! I sit behind my key pad waiting for his next gaffe.

Sometimes I have to wait two days! Then I realise he was on a plane travelling somewhere, and has not held a news conference. Do not worry about the ABC. The nations biggest news outlets run by News Corp. Chris Kenny and Paul Murray are still making fools of themselves, but Rupert must wake up to himself soon, and then you will really have something to complain about. Which Prime Minister said he would "Shirtfront" the leader of powerful nation. Was it Barak Obama? Was it Tony Blair? Was it Angela Merkel? It was the Prime Minister of Australia. Did he do it?

Of course in your honesty you did not make a false claim there did you?

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It is perfectly obvious that Abbott's 'shirtfront' comment was meant to convey that he would be firmly confronting Putin over the plane atrocity, unlike Left panderers to anything foreign. It is what the public demands on a serious issue where Australians were killed. He said it in a colourful way - so what? The demented Left has embarrassed themselves with this obsession with 'shirtfronting' that sees it talked about over and over on the ABC for weeks.

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For what purpose? For whose benefit? The ABC should practice proper journalism and drop this twitter like condemnation and humiliation hatefest about nothing.

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Sorry, Barrie but you have cheapened yourself by further drawing out this 'shirtfronting' Left slogan for cheap political mileage. It was fun at first, but now it's just bias. Good for you APM. Come back with all guns blazing. Interesting to read your take on what "Shirtfront" means. Of course you may have been brought up in a seminary like Abbott was, and thinks it means having a cup of tea. Also interesting to see how easy it is to get you all riled up.

I suppose you have forgotten all of those years of Abbott in opposition. So Labor supporters are left panderers to anything foreign. Where did that come from? Probably because your side of politics has a propensity of getting Australia into wars. Mainly of course because that are not doing too well on the home front. Abbott was a rugby player and in rugby parlance shirtfronting involves grabbing an opponent's shirt as an unspecified challenge.

Yet Abbott's enemies and unprofessional media have deliberately and dishonestly conflated this with the Aussie Rules meaning of a specific act of extreme violence. Typical Left, always spinning and reinventing words and misrepresenting reality.

How a shirtfront became an own goal

Media watch should be onto this but they are part of the postmodern culture of rejecting objective reality to pursue dumb, destructive, endless social revolution. Seriously APM I know nothing about football, this comment had nothing to do with football It's was yet another time Abbott went off script, trying to look tough. This is nothing to do with media twisting anything He said what he meant and meant what he said! Your propensity for froth is no substitute for coherent rhetoric.

Surely you must feel at least a little embarrassment, from time to time, for the silly and hoary arguments you make. I feel bad for anyone who needs to do more than close a browser window in order to avoid your diatribe. Like so many other people, Tom1, you have not understood the term "to shirtfront". It is a term once used quite extensively in the British Army and possibly in the other Services too and it means to stand closely in front of your superior officer, face-to-face, and state your position.

Well John1 why didn't he do just that.